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Amfine Chemcial Corporation

PVC Thermal Stabilizers



During high temperature processing operations, PVC is subject to thermal degradation by a dehydrochlorination process, resulting in undesired effects such as discoloration and cross-linking. This type of degradation can also take place during end use at elevated temperatures, for example in automotive applications.

PVC thermal stabilizers function mainly by substitution of the labile allylic chlorine atoms that are intermediates in the dehydrochlorination process. By this mechanism they significantly enhance the heat stability of the polymer during both melt processing and end use.

Amfine provides thermal stabilizers for PVC designed for use in applications such as automotive interior and exterior components, film and sheet, calendering, extrusion, injection molding, and others.

In demanding applications like wire and cable insulation, pipe, and window profile, thermal stabilizers based on lead salts have been used for many years. These products can be highly effective thermal stabilizers, but their use is being phased out around the world due to the well established toxicity of lead and its salts. Amfine and its parent company Adeka have been world leaders in the development and commercialization of environmentally-friendly, heavy metal free thermal stabilizers for a variety of PVC applications.

We also supply lubricants for rigid PVC (RX-500 Series) and anti-chalking additives (ATC Series) for use in outdoor applications.

AC Series
Low VOC liquid stabilizers for film and sheet applications requiring printability, transparency, and long running heat stability without plate-out

ATC Series
Anti-chalking additives for rigid PVC used in outdoor applications

CPL Series
Liquid boosters to improve the long term heat stability of flexible PVC in automotive applications

CPS Series
Solid thermal stabilizers for powder slush molded automotive instrument panels and door trim applications

RUP Series
Solid, heavy metal free thermal stabilizers for wire and cable applications

RX-200 Series
Solid thermal stabilizers providing long running processability without plate-out for rigid PVC calendering, extrusion, and injection molding

RX-500 Series
Solid, high molecular weight ester lubricants for rigid PVC pipe and window profile