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NA-21 Product Information

NA-21 is a clarifying agent designed for use in low melt flow polypropylene homo- and co-polymers, especially for thermoforming and blow molding applications.


* Provides excellent clarity, particularly in low melt flow (MFI < 20) polypropylene homo- and random co-polymers
* Excellent surface smoothness and high gloss parts
* Thermally stable and generates no odor during processing
* Broader processing window as compared to conventional sorbitol-type products
* Compared to sorbitol-type clarifiers, provides a greater increase in crystallization temperature (to enable faster molding cycles), better mechanical properties (flexural modulus), and higher HDT
* Ideal for use in blow molding and thermoforming applications
* FDA cleared for use in polypropylene with restrictions in food type and conditions of use (B-H)
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* Blow molding and thermoforming PP applications, including disposable packaging and drink cups

Typical Properties

Appearance: White Powder
Melting Range: >210ºC

CAS Number

151841-65-5 (main component)

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