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FP-600 Product Information

FP-600 is a liquid, halogen-free flame retardant for engineering plastics, styrenic polymers, polyurethanes, and sealants.


* Effective flame retardant in a variety of polymer systems
* Excellent performance in established FR tests including UL 94,
glow wire test (GWIT), and comparative tracking index (CTI)
* Low generation of toxic gases and no dioxin formation during combustion
* Low effect on physical and mechanical properties
* Good thermal stability and low volatility
* Excellent hydrolytic stability for improved performance under high humidity conditions
* Improves flow characteristics due to plasticizing effect
* Resists deposit formation during molding
* Halogen-free, compliant with RoHS and WEEE

  FP-600 Chemical Structure


* Engineering plastics (PC, PPO, PBT, PET, PA, PC/ABS, PC/HIPS)
* Styrenic polymers (HIPS, PS)
* Polyurethanes
* Sealants

Typical Properties

Appearance: Colorless Viscous Liquid

CAS Number


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