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LA-52MP Product Information

LA-52MP is a medium molecular weight HALS masterbatch for use in the stabilization of automotive PP and TPO compounds.


* Provides excellent light stability in polyolefins
* Contributes to the thermal stability of polyolefins
* Resistant to discoloration during heat aging and weathering
* Non-blooming and non-fogging
* Highly resistant to plate out and deposit formation during molding
* Low volatility and good resistance to extraction
* Synergistic performance with UV absorbers
* Non-dusting masterbatch form for convenient handling and dosing

  LA-52MP Chemical Structure


* Automotive PP and TPO compounds, both mineral-filled and unfilled

Typical Properties

Appearance: Pale Yellow Pellets
Melting Range: >120ºC

CAS Number

91788-83-9 (active ingredient)

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