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Interior & Exterior Components

Polypropylene (PP) and TPO are used extensively for interior and exterior automotive components such as bumper fascia, instrument panels, trim panels, and flexible skins. Light stability is essential, as these parts must meet industry requirements for weatherability. Systems based on hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) have been developed to meet the requirements of both interior and exterior applications.

LA-502XP is a fully-formulated light stabilization system based on proprietary technology from ADEKA. It is ideal for the light stabilization of mineral-filled PP and TPO compounds due to its lack of interaction with fillers. It is also non-blooming, non-fogging, and resistant to plate out and deposit formation during molding.

LA-402AF is another light stabilization system designed for use in PP and TPO compounds. It provides outstanding weatherability and is also less prone to the problems of blooming, fogging, and mold deposit as compared to systems based on conventional HALS.

Automotive PP and TPO compounds must also meet mechanical property requirements set by OEM's. Nucleating agents enhance properties such as flexural modulus and heat deflection temperature (HDT), without increasing the compound density like conventional mineral fillers. They also increase the crystallization temperature of the polymer from the melt, which can be exploited to provide better molding productivity through cycle time reduction.

NA-27 is an advanced nucleating agent for polypropylene, providing best-in-class mechanical property enhancement. Compared to other nucleating agents, NA-27 is easier to disperse and is less interacting with metal stearates. It can also be used to enhance the properties of talc-filled materials.

Flexible PVC is used in applications such as instrument panel skins and exterior trim. Special thermal stabilizers have been developed to meet the processing and thermal stability requirements of slush molded PVC skins. Light stabilizers are also used in PVC to meet weatherability requirements.

CPL Series (liquid) and CPS Series (solid) are thermal stabilizers providing excellent thermal stability for powder slush molded automotive instrument panels and door trim.

LA-81 is a liquid, non-basic NO-Alkyl-type HALS designed for use in base-sensitive plastics including flexible PVC. Combinations with UV absorbers such as LA-32 provide excellent weatherability in flexible PVC due to their synergistic performance.



PP and TPO are used in under-the-hood applications such as reservoirs and air handling systems, where they must meet demanding industry requirements for thermal stability. Systems based on combinations of phenolic antioxidants with either thioethers or HALS can significantly extend the useful life of polypropylene and TPO under these conditions. Systems based on HALS are most appropriate for use in applications such as cowl vents where light stability is also required.

AO-80 is a high performance, non-discoloring phenolic antioxidant that is highly effective to enhance the long-term thermal stability of PP and TPO automotive components.

AO-412S is a thioether antioxidant used as a synergist to enhance long-term thermal stability. When used in combination with a phenolic antioxidant (such as AO-80), it provides unmatched heat stability in PP and TPO.

LA-52MP is medium molecular weight HALS masterbatch that is ideal for use in combination with phenolic antioxidants. These systems provide both light and long-term thermal stability in automotive PP and TPO compounds.

PVC wire and cable insulation requires an effective thermal stabilizer to maintain its electrical properties over the life of the vehicle. This has traditionally been accomplished using stabilizers based on lead salts, but their use is being phased out around the world due to toxicity concerns. Amfine and its parent company ADEKA have been world leaders in the development and commercialization of environmentally-friendly, heavy metal free thermal stabilizers for a variety of PVC applications.

RUP Series are heavy metal free PVC thermal stabilizers developed for wire and cable applications. These systems are used in automotive wire harnesses meeting North American (SAE/UL/CSA), European (DIN), and Japanese (JIS) specifications.