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The use of additives in the plastic materials of our everyday life is essential. Some additives provide protection against degradation during processing and end use, while others provide special effects such as enhanced clarity, improved mechanical properties, and resistance to ignition and combustion. Amfine manufactures and markets a wide variety of specialty plastic additives that add value to plastics, built around unique and innovative products developed by its parent company ADEKA Corporation.

Antioxidants protect plastics against the effects of thermal oxidation during high temperature processing operations as well as during end use.

Light Stabilizers
Light stabilizers provide protection to plastics and coatings against the effects of degradation resulting from long term exposure to sunlight.

Nucleating & Clarifying Agents
Nucleating agents promote the crystallization of polymers and provide enhanced mechanical properties. Special products known as clarifiers also increase the transparency of plastics by reducing light scattering.

Flame Retardants
Flame retardants reduce the flammability of plastic materials by making ignition more difficult, inhibiting the combustion process, and limiting heat release during burning. Our halogen-free products represent more eco-friendly alternatives to conventional halogenated flame retardants.

Lubricants provide benefits in plastics processing such as enhanced mold release, improved dispersion, and a more attractive surface appearance in molded parts.

PVC Thermal Stabilizers
Thermal stabilizers increase the stability of PVC during both melt processing operations and end use. Together with our parent company ADEKA, we are world leaders in the development of more environmentally-friendly, heavy metal free thermal stabilizers for a variety of PVC applications.

Amfine's non-phthalate plasticizers are used to enhance the flexibility of plastics and rubber.