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AO-412S Product Information

AO-412S is a high performance thioether antioxidant for the stabilization of polyolefins, styrenic polymers, and engineering plastics.


* Provides superior long term thermal stability in polyolefins as compared to conventional thioether antioxidants (DSTDP, DLTDP)
* Reduces discoloration of polyolefins resulting from long term heat aging
* Very low volatility
* Excellent resistance to extraction
* FDA cleared for use in polypropylene
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  AO-412S Chemical Structure


* Polyolefins (PP, PE, TPO)
* Styrenic polymers (ABS, PS)
* Engineering plastics (PBT, PA)
* Elastomers & latex

Typical Properties

Appearance: White Powder
Melting Range: 46-52ºC

CAS Number


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