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FP-2500S Product Information

FP-2500S is a highly efficient, halogen-free flame retardant system developed for polyolefins (PP, PE, EVA, copolymers)


* Highly efficient flame retardant in polyolefins
* Excellent performance in established FR tests such as UL 94
* Suppresses the formation of smoke and toxic gases during combustion
* Lower effect on physical and mechanical properties as compared to other FR systems
* Non-interacting with HALS for excellent light stability
* Non-discoloring
* Best in class moisture resistance
* Requires lower load levels than systems based on ATH, magnesium hydroxide, or ammonium polyphosphate
* Provides lower density FR compounds as compared to conventional FR
* Halogen- and antimony-free, compliant with RoHS and WEEE
* Globally registered



* Polyolefins (PP, PE, EVA, copolymers) for injection molding applications such as appliances, automotive, electrical & electronics, and construction.

Typical Properties

Appearance: White Powder

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