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Amfine Presents New Halogen-Free FR Technology For Polyolefins

At ANTEC 2014, Yutaka Yonezawa, ADEKA Corporation,  a team leader of specialty additives department of polymer additives R&D laboratory presented a paper focusing on  new Halogen Free Flame retardants (ADK Stabilizers- FP-2000 Series) for Polyolefins.

“ADK Stabilizer FP-2000 series” has been developed for polyolefins such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and its copolymers and it can provide excellent flame retardancy while maintaining desired mechanical properties.

Compared to conventional Flame Retardants, the Intumescent Flame Retardants greatly reduces heat release rates, smoke density and CO gas during combustion. Moreover, it was also confirmed that UL 94 5VA is achievable with ADK Stabilizer FP-2000 series plus synergist.  Typical Applications include W&C, Building, Transportation and  E&E.